Wednesday 13 July 2011

Early season 2011 update

April Update : It's been a long time since I updated so here's a quick one!  Mud and Mayhem, Thetford - 1st.       1st point Du, 2nd
March has been a good duathlon month with a win in the Thetford round of the Mud and Mayhem series and then a second place in the 1st Point Cross Duathlon in Amersham behind a good buddy of mine, Sylvain Garde who's in my crack team for the Hellrider this year. The third member of our team will be a long term athlete of mine and a big dog on the Duathlon circuit, Carl Ferri.    Be Afraid Hellriders, be very afraid..... (we're doomed now aren't we!)

March News:    I'm really pleased to announce that I have been appointed as the GE Great Britain Duathlon Team manager for this year's World Championships in Spain in September.  It's going to be a great adventure and I look forward to helping GB come back with hopefully the biggest medal haul yet.

Thanet Cross duathlon, Kent. 1st Place and 60th Duathlon win since starting out. (crikey.. I feel old...)

One of the best athletes I coach and something of a revelation on the UK Duathlon scene in 2010, Carl Ferri had to drop out of the Thanet race on January 2nd and very kindly gave me his entry in exchange for a manky old gear leaver (don't ask...!)            And so I found myself, parked up in a car park overlooking the North Sea lighting the fire in my autosleeper and contemplating the race ahead which innovatively combines a tarmac first run, boggy mtb bike leg and a killer boggy long final off road run.  the runs were a formality for me as I am running really well this winter but the bike leg was a real scrap with a couple of the VC Invictica guys on their cross bikes not only catching me but giving me a really hard time. It was great because we all pushed it so hard on the bike. I had a really pleasing final run to take the win and put some more really hard racing into my prep for the Iceman which is in just a few weeks.
It was great to see so many people enjoying a new year event and with the customary good cheer and eyeballs out attitude that is common of du and tri the world over.   It doesn't matter where you go the world over for multisport events there's always the feeling of a collective sense of not just purpose but a sharing. A sharing in the suffering and a sharing in the satisfaction that we are all taking the path less travelled and challenging ourselves to do something many would never dream of.   there's me banging on about winning but Here's top Thomas Flitch who came last. He was 90 minutes behind me but you should have seen how far he was ahead of the millions of able bodied people who wouldn't have dreamed of even starting. Miles........  This new year,  if you are reading this and thinking of challenging yourself then go for it.  You only get one body and you only get one chance. Enjoy it!   

Asics Mudman Cross Duathlon series rd 2  DNF (mechanical)
Is it on? Is it cancelled? These were the words on everyone's lips as the Mudman approached. But no. This is the race series that prides itself on being crazy tough so there we were, racing on slowly melting snow and as we'd have it, it was actually pretty cool.
My race was simple: Colin Dixon, Jim McConnell and I got away on the first run with Colin then pulling away on the slippy descents. Jim and I ran together and exited T2 together in 2nd place and that's when my race ended. As soon as I started to pedal my chain slipped and wouldn't grip in any gear. I had replaced the chain the day before but because of the snow hadn't been able to go out and try it. Race over. I should have checked it so it was entirely my fault.
As a result I've lost my series lead and it's now looking like it will be a best 3 results count series which means the final two rounds will be a big head to head between me Jim and Paul Davies. May the best man win! And may the best man be me! hee hee. Should be fun.  If you haven't a clue about the series check out the video below.  If you're still not tempted there's an excellent face-plant crash in the middle. here it is :

Asics Wildman  Cross Duathlon series (   Mission Accomplished! 1st.
I'll spare you a report just yet but to suffice to say it was very hard and very hilly. I ran well and rode quite well on too down on the sandy hills (and really, I mean HILLS) of Hankley Common near Guildford this was probably mostly due to having been stuck in the sand of Lanzarote earlier this year when the glorious ash cloud struck. I knew all that running and riding in the sand would have a purpose. It was a shame to see Paul Davies puncture whilst the pair of us were leading on the bike and I genuinely mean that. A good fight is always a fair fight.    There's some pics in the 2010 gallery (click gallery tab above) which depict the suffering and the glory!

so- I'm leading the series and next up, my chance to defend that lead at the Mudman. Hope to see some of you there.