Monday 30 April 2012

Flash! Ah-ahhhhh, saviour of the universe!

           Whilst I was away in Lanzarote, Tony at bike and run ( ) worked his magic on my race bike, fully stripping it down and priming it for the summer after a long winter in the mud. She's looking awesome as I'm sure you would agree. Now all I need is some rooty singletrack through a wood lined with bluebells. Oh, and some summer would come in handy too!

Thursday 26 April 2012

Summer Planning...

I've just come back from 2 great weeks getting the miles in on Lanzarote and amongst enjoying our lovely weather back here in Blighty (ahem) I've been drawing up plans for the summer. For me it's really all about continuing to bring my Mountain biking on and building towards next winter's cross du season with the goal of winning the Asics series. It was last winter and I didn't succeed but I am doggedly stubborn and wont give up on it!

I'm going to add to it but here's my initial programme which still needs some trail running races added to it plus some smaller running events and mid week leagues:

May :
Gorrick 100 Enduro mtb xc
13th, Eastern MTB XC Champs, Thetford
16th, Beastway MTB xc
23rd, Beastway MTB xc
30th, Beastway MTB xc
5th Hawridge International Duathlon (maybe?..)
9th, Nuclear Burn Cross Duathlon, Essex.
13th Beastway MTB xc
14th, South Downs Way Attempt.
20th Beastway MTB xc
9th Beastway MTB xc
15th, National MTB Xc series, Langdon Hills, Essex
22nd Alpe D’Huez Duathlon  (maybe?)
5th Box End Quadrathlon, Maybe...
26th National Cross Tri series, Surrey. (Team)

Sep/Oct/Nov etc.. The start of the Cross Duathlon series...
If you've got any suggestions of any trail races that you'd recommend thgen please do let me know at  thanks.
I hope to see some of you on the trails!