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"I have been so blessed to live a massively enriched life through sport and it gives me great pleasure to share that journey with you here.
I am now a retired athlete but have been lucky enough to have a long career as a sportsman which has seen me race as a professional, win 81 races and become British number one.

 Below is a set of galleries which take you through my sporting career and after that are the results that I managed to achieve" 

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I started my sporting life as a 13 year old racing Cyclo-Cross in West London and went on to become an Elite road cyclist racing with a teams based in France. In 2003 I had a change of direction and began racing Duathlon and with a lot of hard work and many blessings I went on to become the UK number 1 ranked Duathlete and along the way have won more Duathlons than any other athlete in the history of the sport worldwide. 

None of these opportunities would have been possible without some very important people in my life.
They are: Graham MacNamee, Tilman Marsh, my lovely Mum, Jamie Pringle, Peter Dymoke, Pete Swettenham
Leda Ray ,Tom Rowan, Matt Brown and Jesus.
( just not necessarily in that order! )

"Britain's best Duathlete,

marginally more machine than man,"

(Sunday Times, Dec 6th 2009)



Duathlon Wins:  81

2nd places: 50

Highest UK ranking : 1st

Highest World ranking: 17th

   Receiving the award as Britain's number 1 Duathlete in 2007

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  • Team Muddy Fox- Teamworks / Fred Salmon Racing
  • London Dynamo / BikePark / Timeout
  • Twickenham CC/Evans/Stairmaster.  

Junior and then 1st Cat Road cyclist. Results included good cyclo-cross results and wins as a 1st year senior in 2nd and 3rd cat road races around Surrey and the SE. 

1998-2002:  Elite Continental road Cyclist.

-Mountain time trial, 1st place Ardes Sur Couze stage race. 
-3rd overall, Ardes Sur Couze Stage race. 
-3rd, Criterium Saint Eloy Les Mines. 
-2nd, King of the Mountains, Tour de La Manche. 
-6th, Criterium Saint Porcain. 

(After mixing it in Pro/Elite cycling I was talked into trying Duathlon by my coach who'd always felt that my off season winter running was getting better and better!) 

2003Team Synergy / Bianchi 1st Duathlon year. 

A transition period. Still managed 5 wins in local events and 3 top ten placings in national series events. (learning to run: Fast!)

2004: (1st Elite year) Team Synergy / Bianchi

-9 Wins,  8 Second Places and 3 third places. 
-6th, European duathlon champs(25-29) 13th overall in Europe. 
-Ranked 66th in the world overall. 
-12th in World short course duathlon champs (Belgium) 
-15th In British Elite championships (Wales). 

2005: (2nd Elite year)  Team MK/Trek  then Team Planet-X

-4 Wins, 5 2nd Places and 2 3rd places. 
-British National Ranking 4th. 
-3rd, national series. Scottish national championships. 
-Year Goal(Top 25 in Elite long course worlds) failed after quitting the European Championship qualifying race in Holland with severe dehydration. This knocked me back and took a few weeks to recover from.

2006 results:   Team Planet-X

Harefield Duathlon, 1st
T2 Duathlon, 2nd
Hillingdon Duathlon, 1st
Cambridge Duathlon National series, 11th
White Rose National Series, 6th
Spalding Duathlon, 1st  (Course Record)
National Elite Champs, Edinburgh. 12th
Cowman-Half Ironman 1st Team
Geel City Duathlon, Belgium, 2nd
Tour of The Karakurrams MTB stage race, Pakistan.  13th overall (Pro Category)
Newmarket Duathlon, 1st
Boneshaker Duathlon, 1st (Course record)
Maidstone Duathlon, 1st (Course record)
European Duathlon AG Champs, Rimini, Italy.  3rd Overall. (2nd fastest Bike split in championship)

2007:   Team Planet-X

Overall British National rankings winner.
(British Number One Duathlete 2007)

5th  Big Cow Winter Duathlon                               
7th Clumber Park national Duathlon                        
4th Bealieu Duathlon                                            
6th Swindon national Duathlon                             
5th Steyning national Duathlon                              
2nd Brooklands Duathlon                                      
2nd Hillingdon spring duathlon                              
3rd Chase Long distance Duathlon.                         
1st HOAC Harefield Duathlon rd 1.                            
1st HOAC Harefield Duathlon rd 2                          
1st HOAC Harefield Duathlon rd 3 (and overall)        
2nd Newmarket Duathlon                                    
2nd Dragons Bite Duathlon, Wales                        
2nd Big Cow Series Final Duathlon                      
10th London Elite Duathlon                                   
1st Hillingdon Circuit Final Duathlon                        
1st The Boneshaker Off road Duathlon                   
1st Maidstone Duathlon                                        
3rd T2 Duathlon.                                                 
1st Marlow Duathlon.  (Course Record)

2008:  Team Planet-X,  then Team Bike and Run London

6th, 3rd and 4th, Herts League Cross Country races
13th North Road Classic Hardriders                       
2nd Chase Middle distance Duathlon, Cannock.         
2nd Clumber Park National Duathlon series. (worlds qualifier)                                                            
1st T2 Essex Duathlon.  (course record)                                     
1st Lanzarotte duathlon                                        
3rd Chase Long Duathlon, Cannock                       
22nd Elite Powerman European Champs, Holland.
2nd Withdean Duathlon
1st Hillingdon Summer Duathlon series (drafting)
1st Harefield Duathlon.
19th - ITU World Cup Duathlon. (Pro/Elite) Torhout, Belgium.
1st Hethel Engineering 10 mile road race. Norfolk.
1st Harefield Duathlon (round 3)
1st Cheltenham MTB Duathlon. (Course Record)
43rd World long distance Duathlon Champs. Geel, Belgium (disappointed but still 2nd British finisher)
2nd Hillingdon Drafting Duathlon
1st Maidstone Duathlon  (course record)
1st Silverstone Duathlon (course record)
1st Stanford Hall Duathlon (Course record)
2nd Carsington Duathlon, Ashbourne.

2009:    Team Bike and Run / Alpha / Avia / Maximuscle / Sport Beans

1st 1485 Duathlon, Market Drayton.  (Course Record)
8th Clumber Park National series Duathlon. (very poor performance due to a cold)
3rd Marlow Duathlon.
2nd Hillingdon Spring Duathlon
21st Powerman European Champs, Horst, Holland (Pro race)
12th Oostende Duathlon, Belgian Duathlon series.
2nd Hullavington Airfield Duathlon, Wiltshire.
1st Hillingdon May Day Duathlon.
1st Harefield Duathlon round 1   (50th Career Duathlon win)
1st Hillingdon summer Duathlon series.
1st Hawridge International Duathlon. 
1st Harefield Duathlon Finale.
2nd, FRF Mazda Gower Duathlon, Wales
32nd Powerman Vlaanderen World Cup.  (Disappointing!)
42nd / Disq Powerman Austria World Cup.  (Even more disappointing!)
1st Bedford Multisport  MTB Duathlon.  (Course Record)
1st Hillingdon Summer Duathon. 1/10/1 mile (Course Record)
2nd Ipswich duathlon.
3rd XTD Extreme terrain Duathlon, Surrey.
1st Friston Forest Duathlon, East Sussex. (Course Record) 55th Duathlon win!
1st Chemlsford Duathlon. Essex. (Course Record)

2010 Team Bike and Run London / Alpha / Maximuscle / Sport Beans   

First OFFROAD / CROSS Duathlon season

Ankle injury took me out of most of the winter and spring races.
13th Black Park beyond MTB XC.
3rd Gower Monster XC 10k, Wales
17th Beastway MTB XC
7th Beatsway MTB XC
5th Beastway MTB XC
1st Team, Welsh National off road tri Champs (with leda swimming!), Afan, South Wales
5th St Ives MTB XC
5th Torq in your sleep 12:12 enduro. (mixed pairs with Daz Parker)
1st Chiltern international Aquathlon (with a certain Leda Cox swimming!)
2nd Chelmsford Cross Duathlon
3rd XTD Xtreme Terrain Cross Duathlon
2nd Mud and Mayhem Duathlon. Swinley Forest.
1st Go Beyond Ultra Brentwood 10k (XC)
4th Cirencester Cross Duathlon.
1st Wildman Asics Cross Duathlon.

2011 Team Bike and Run London - Maxifuel -

1st Thanet Cross Duathlon, kent.  60th duathlon win
7th Mudman Asics Cross Duathlon
6th Tuffman Asics Cross Duathlon
1st Mud and Mayhem Cross Duathlon, Thetford
2nd 1st Point Cross Duathlon, Lotts Wood, Amersham
1st Lanzarotte 1/2 Marathon 1:18 (hilly and hot!)
5th Beastway XC
4th Summit Lotts Wood XC
4th Beastway XC
1st Hellrider 8 Hr Enduro
DNF  Summit MTB XC (punc)
6th Areyoutoughenough? XC Enduro  
1st Boneshaker Cross Duathlon. (new Course Record)
2nd Mud and Mayhem Cross Duathlon, Swinley Forest
1st Essex Cross Duathlon (new course record by over a minute)
2nd Black Park Cross Duathlon
4th Herts league Orienteering, HABS (Long Course)

2012 Team Bike and Run London - Maxifuel -

1st team Herts County Cross Country Champs. 4th counter for St Albans
1st Waddenhoe Cross Duathlon (New Course Record) and 66th Duathlon win
9th Asics Tuffman Cross Duathlon
2nd QX Wasing Cross Duathlon
5th Asics Trailman Cross Duathlon
1st Mud and Mayhem Cross Duathlon, Thetford Forest
1st Nuclear Burn Cross Duathlon, Ultra Distance. (Course Record)
4th Xtreme Terrain Duathlon
1st Box End Autumn Cross Duathlon
2nd Waddenhoe Cross Duathlon Series 1
1st Walden cross Duathlon
1st Essex Cross Duathlon, Hylands Park.
1st Quadrac Quadrathlon Cross Du series Rnd 2
2nd HumanRace MudMan Cross Duathlon

2013 Team Bike and Run London - Maxifuel -Trek Bikes -CEP Compression
1st Quadrac Racing Quadrathlon, Waddenhoe
1st Iceman HumanRace Cross Duathlon
1st Wadenhoe Quadrac Cross Duathlon
1st Wadenhoe Duathlon series overall
5th Tuffman HumanRace Cross Duathlon
1st DirtRun Cross Duathlon
1st Box End Summer Cross Duathlon series 1
1st Box End Summer Cross Duathlon series 2
1st Box End Summer Cross Duathlon Classic
2nd Sens 5k, Ottawa Canada 16:08
1st Box End Summer Cross Duathlon series 3 and 1st Overall in series  (80th Duathlon Win)
1st WD13 Walden Cross Duathlon
2nd Rempstone Roast Cross Duathlon
2nd Fritton Lake XC Duathlon (50th second place)

I would like to take this chance to thank all the sponsors that have made my career in sport possible. 
Foremost of these are 

Bike and Run London and Maxifuel 
who sponsored me from 2000 until 2014 starting when they were just a tiny Maximuscle shop in Watford. Now look at them! their loyalty has been amazing.

I would also like to thank my other incredibly generous sponsors that have supported me along the way since 1994:

Muddy Fox Teamworks / Fred Salmon
Evans Cycles
Oakley UK
Hillingdon Council Sports Development Grants
Joe Bowles
Planet X
CEP Compression
Sport Beans UK / Best Imports
Bike and Run London
Fisher Outdoor Leisure
Trek UK

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