Tuesday 26 May 2020

#LockdownThrowback 6 PostNord Tour of Denmark 2019 on Eurosport

Missing seeing top level racing whilst in lockdown? 
Sit back and enjoy 15 minutes of the highlights from great finishes at the 2019 Tour of Denmark
The highlights feature commentary from Jez Cox and Tony Gibb
Jez : "I'm quite open about my goals. When I started on the mic I set myself some ambitious targets. I wanted to be the official speaker of Britain's biggest races and I do that with the Tour of Britain and Women's Tour. I wanted to be the live commentator for a World Championship and I achieved that at Yorkshire 2019. I wanted to become a Eurosport live commentator and that came to fruition last year too. My final 2 goals are to call the finish of an Olympic road race and then live commentate on a Grand Tour. 
I'm working on it! I am of course in incredible company amongst some brilliant English speaking lead commentators and I get to work alongside some truly world class expert commentators such as Tony below but I 'm also not afraid to state where I want to be because otherwise people will think you're comfortable. I'm not comfortable. I'm itchily ambitious and I want to tick every box to get there because if I don't someone else will.  
Next stop the Olympics and becoming a regular on the Grand Tours. 
I might fail but I'll still try.
I'm always learning though and the only way I'll really learn is to take criticism on board. If there are elements that grate with you or wish were different in the way I come across below, do please tell me. Genuinely, I want to know as it's the only way I'll get better at being a sporting storyteller. 
Enjoy the below"

NOTE ***These are live video commentary highlights CROPPED AND COMPLIED BY JEZ COX whose commentary features and although the footage is all from the original Eurosport coverage the rough editing should and does not reflect the slick presentation that Eurosport viewers worldwide are used to. Jez is by no means a video editing expert so do forgive us***

Thursday 7 May 2020

#LockdownThrowback 5 Halle Ingooigem (BEL) 2019

This time a throwback to Jez's Eurosport TV debut in the sweltering heat of June alongside fellow West Londoner and Eurosport regular Tony Gibb.

It's Halle-Ingooigem, a mainstay of the Belgian national series (Bingoal Cup) and the World Tour teams are locking horns with the Pro-Conti and Conti teams (as they were then) when this happens.... 

Friday 1 May 2020

#LockdownThrowback 4 @: Mathieu Van Der Poel wins in the Tour of Britain 2019

Our 4th throwback clip below only take us back to the end of last season but doesn't it seem like a world away right now?
Thousands gathered atop Burton Dassett Country Park in Warwickshire to witness an incredible late attack by Ben Swift before the MVP took out his crank based egg whisk and minced the field with it just as he did in Kendal on his way to winning the race overall. 

A great day in the sunshine up there.
Let's hope the Tour of Britain is able to happen (and safely) this year.
Get out and support it if you never have because it's such an special road side experience.  

Click below to hear the final 900 metres of finish line commentary
The panoramic shot below is of the early morning finish line build before all the fans arrived
(Click it to enlarge)