Thursday 1 March 2012

QX Wasing Cross Duathlon 2nd

The start of the QX Wasing Duathlon 2012

As the Cross Duathlon season draws to a close I was on the look out for a race to use to keep sharp as we approach the Asics series final, the Trailman, next Saturday.

Quest Xtreme's events ( ) were something I had seen advertised for a couple of years now and so I decided to try their 6k/20k/6k Cross Du on the Wasing estate  near Reading.
It's a great place to visit and like a lot of these off road races you would never get the chance to ride or run over those hardly used trails  were it not for events like these.       I'm running quite well at the moment but (and as a coach I am quite happy to admit this) my bike form is simply awful.  I think it's just one of those rough patches that you go through and I'm not particularly worried about it but it is annoying when it stops you being able to enjoy just good trails because you feel like the brakes are on the whole time.  Anyway - Stop complaining Cox! - Jay Horton came bombing past me on his 29er after I'd headed out onto the bike with a good lead and there was no way I could catch him after that. It was a good win and he's starting to run really well now so I have to wonder - is he going to step up to the Humanrace Asics series next winter? I hope so.  Speaking of which, the final round, next week is still open for entries for the next two days I believe so if you're keep then get over to  I hope to see lots of you there.
MTB leg at the wasing QX Duathlon

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