Monday 11 June 2012

Nuclear Burn Ultra distance Cross Duathlon, 1st Place


          A summer Cross Duathlon! Now that's a rare and welcome thing. In it's inaugural running, the Nuclear burn at Kelvedon Hatch's secret nuclear bunker site was a great success for a company who's background is in adventure races and mass participation 'finish or die' events (as I like to call them).

         Regular readers of my blog will know that I love racing in Essex and for some strange reason I always seem to go well there and thankfully this was no exception. The course was suitably testing and extremely muddy for June and I decided (without telling myself) to celebrate the occasion with an over the bars sortie mid race whilst leading on the bike. Now, if you were to cut down a small tree in the middle of a wood and stand back to look at your handy-work, do you not presume you might think it best to remove the last 2 inches before heading off for a cuppa? No? Anyway, I didn't see said stump until I stood back up again a good 5 metres from the bike.  Still, mustn't grumble, I got back on and back into the groove before the final run to take a cross Duathlon win in June which is a nice rarity.  

        The organisers, are keen to make it a really big summer fixture so next year should see it being even bigger.