Tuesday 2 October 2012

The Cross Duathlon season starts here!

I'm right at the beginning of this winter's Cross Duathlon season and the first thing I am delighted to say is that through a deal with Trek UK in Milton Keynes and in conjunction with my team Bike and Run London, I will be racing on a Trek Superfly 29er. When ever I was beaten last winter on the Cross Du scene it was almost always by guys on 29ers and so this year, at least I can't user that as an excuse. I took delivery of the Superfly 4 days ago and I have the first race on it this Saturday and I am pleased to report that it feels really stable and incredibly fast, particularly once you are up to speed. 

Lets see how it goes on the gravelly trails of Hawley lake this Saturday at the XTD and I'll report back. In the mean time. Here she is: