Monday 9 December 2013

Fritton Lake XC Duathlon Round 1 2nd Place (50th second place!....)

       A gloriously sunny day on the Norfolk Broads saw me yesterday come 2nd for the 50th time! this was a fact that really did leave me thinking about all those 2nd places and what I could have learnt from them as a coach and an athlete.  For the second week in a row I was beaten by a better man on the day and this time it was a very young man. Finn Barnes ran and ride a superb race and also put his cross bike to good use on the bone dry course. In the end we were still very close but he did look comfortable and he is without doubt a class act and one to watch in the future. Well done Finn. Good race! 

 It got me thinking on the drive home about which 2nd places I was most proud of and which I learnt the most from. Without doubt, my second in the Geel City Duathlon in Belgium was my most proud moment because of the way the race had unfolded and all the constant attacking from the Belgians and Dutch on the bike. It was a great day. 
It also left me wondering who I have come 2nd to the most times and it's probably between two good buddies of mine, Phil Moseley and Joel Jameson strangely enough. Still,  I couldn't lose to two nicer guys.

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