Monday 30 April 2018

Altra come on board as a sponsor

As an athlete I was very lucky to be supported by both Reebok and Avia who provided me with fast run shoes and training shoes.  Nothing to do with their excellent footwear but as I got older and raced and trained more (and harder!) I developed foot problems and had a long bout of Plantar Fasciitis which, in a way signaled the end of my Duathlon days.

Now that I spend just as much time at races but mostly standing still with a mic in hand my feet could be suffering more than ever with the constant pressure. Thankfully not though. A few years ago I discovered that what they needed was to be totally relaxed and on a zero drop platform. So basically I needed a protective cushioned trainer that has a super wide, toes-splayed toe box and no difference in height from front to back. And that's where Altra come in. Their shoes are absolutely the best at doing this whether it means standing still at races or running in them.  this summer season I'll be commentating and presenting at races in the Altra Instinct 4.5s and my feet are very much looking forward to it! Find out more about them here

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