Monday 26 October 2020

UCI Road Season, Done.

 Jez : "I'm writing on what should have been the day after my debut Paris - Roubaix on the Mic for Eurosport and GCN with mixed feelings. We've been so lucky to get any racing in at all this year and actually, there's now no doubt that we've been spoilt. Roubaix was cancelled of course but the racing we've had has been highly unpredictable and massively varied. Seeing races that are over 120 years old at completely the 'wrong' end of a season has been fascinating and thought provoking too."

"In the end my final race on the mic turned out the be the final men's one day World Tour race of the year, the Driedagse Brugge - de Panne in West Flanders. Do catch the full thing on the GCN App or by all means catch the 5 minute wrap highlights I've done for Eurosport (above)"


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