Monday 29 October 2012

Box End Park Autumn Cross Duathlon. 1st

           Entering the last 3 days of a course of antibiotics I decided it should now be fine to not just race but do the first bit of exercise for three weeks and I'm glad I did as I love the course down at Box End and it always suits me well. It was a cold, sunny day and ridiculously windy as well. The Box End course consists of a long flat loop around the edge of the water ski lake and then a series of small hills which should make things harder but as it was, with a very string Northerly wind blowing down the country it meant that the ride and run up the lake was like climbing a mountain after which, coming back, you barely had to try.  

            It was really good to have talented young triathlete Tom Stead up there with me on the first run and it was a shame that he managed to trip on the grassy course and lose time as its always good to really push each other. After that, as I got on the bike, I really got into my stride and all the benefits of my Trek Superfly 29er became immediately apparent as it just rolls so fast over that kind of terrain. That's exactly why I sought out the best 29er for next years inaugural Cross Duathlon nationals and it more than proved its worth on Saturday feeling effortless compared to my old 26 inch race bike.    

          As a coach I would never have recommended any of my athletes to race after 3 weeks off ill but sometimes it can be worth the risk and thankfully I now feel 'back at it' again and hopefully ready to have some fun these next few weeks as I start the Quadmire Duathlon series and then build to the Essex Duathlon and the start of the Human Race series.  On the downside, my lovely wife, the gorgeous Leda Jane has now come down with a really heavy cold so get well soon Leda!xx