Monday 22 October 2012

Ill again and getting restless....

          Have you had it yet?
I'm back on the dreaded Anitibiotics again after 2 weeks of doing nothing except tending my billowing nose and emptying my Ectoplasmic lungs. I literally haven't had the energy at all to run or ride now for over two weeks going right back to the first race of my cross season, the Xtreme Terrain Du. 
Sometimes that's how it goes though so instead I've been buying myself in my spare time doing up my bikes (oklay, I admit, tinkering with them and then taking them to Tony in Bike and Run to undo my ills)  and fixing niggles that I've been carrying. I've actually had a knot in my calf since my last early morning run in Nancy where I was with the GB Duathlon team back in September. Now, I'm a big believer in treating like with like and so a Knot should be treated with a little help from a Knott! Graeme Knott to be precise, a good friend of mine and by coincidence, this year's GB team mechanic. 
Graeme Imports 'The Stick', an ingenious self massage stick described as 'the tooth brush for muscles' and so I put it to work on my calf and then went to town on my back and quads too and have been using it ever since as you can really feel the difference. I'm trying not to sound like this is a blatant plug as it isn't, its just one of those things that works so well it would be rude not top recommend it. Have a look here for more about them: 
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