Monday 3 December 2012

Quadmire Series Rnd 2 : 1st

Tom Stead and I jump the first of many Icy ditches on lap one. tom's jumping style was waaaay better than mine!

Round one of Quadrac's Cross Duathlon series in Waddenhoe in Peterborough was greeted by sunny and cold conditions, with much of the courses's  notorious flooded bogs semi frozen. That was, until about lap two after which time they were just a freezing bog as opposed to a frozen one.  Once again it came down to a duel between myself and Tom Stead for the lead and this time, Tom wasn't on his best form and suffering from fatigue he pulled out on the bike leg which was a shame.  After working so hard to hold him off I had then built up a bg lead and so, knowing the Mudman was just a week ago I kept pushing hard to pack in some quality training in conditions that are actually much tuffer than what the Mudman has to offer even if the hills there are a bit longer. 

As always, the Quadrac team of Mark and Richard looked after us royally and I look forward to the 3rd round where, weather permitting I'm toying with the idea of trying the Quadrathon by adding in a kayak leg down the river Nene. We'll see...

Anyway - Enough waffling on. Tom's Dad took some brilliant pics which I'll share here as they so much more that I can in words about the nature of the races and course down there. 
on one of the constant ups and downs that the Waddenhoe course has

This is actually in the race....  I know.... But that's the kind of race it is!

ho d'you like my skinny Cross tyres on my Trek Superfly 29er? Bontrager Cross 3's naturally...

still breaking through new ice even on Lap 6!