Wednesday 12 December 2012

HumanRace MudMan 2nd

Saturday saw my opening round of the Human Race off road series having missed the first round, the Wildman, in favour of one last try out on the Essex Course the same weekend.

It's been a really good Cross Duathlon season for me so far this winter and I'm pleased to say I'm still learning and still improving as well. Since September I've had a third place, two second places including this one and four wins but far more importantly for me I've managed to stay pretty much cold and illness free which is rare for me at this time of year. I've been using Maxifuel's Immune Support capsules which, I have to say at first might have had a strong dose of Placebo in them but the facts don't lie : since I've been taking them I just haven't got ill at a time when I would normally be a walking nose cheese factory.  Anyway, on to more pleasant things. Have a read about them here:
MudMan! (Minus the mud!...) Surrey in December? It could be Colorado in June!.. It was COLD though, trust me...

I could write a waffling race report about how things unfolded but really, it was brutally simple : Doug Hall and I set the pace from the start then Doug pulled away from me and I pulled away from the rest. That's it! Doug was really strong on the day and deserved the win after taking the race to everyone and I'm itching for the next round, the IceMan in January now to see how a more all round course unleashes it's delights on us all.

For a brilliantly worded full race report and results have a read of my mate Jim McConnell's race report here: (PS - I'm looking forward to seeing you back dishing out the pain in the new year Jimbo!)
The MudMan's hills are relentless and steep and relentlessly steep. For those of you who did it you'll know that this picture does Heartbreak Ridge no justice at all.