Monday 14 January 2013

A Quadtastic start to the new year. 1st place

           I decided that my first race of 2013, the 3rd round of the Quadrac racing Waddenhoe series would be a great chance for me to break my Quadrathlon duck and actually get into a kayak before I jump on the bike for once. Having done it I'm fairly confident that it is not the start of a new chapter in my sporting life but it was fun none the less.
The beautiful river Nene in Winter mode.

 To fill you in on how the experience went, here's my Facebook update from just after the race:

Pleased to report I didn't fall in.  I got into the kayak in first and then was passed by a guy who is a proper kayaker with a super fast carbon boat and everything. It was like being passed by one of those Bond style water rickshaws! Thankfully I caught him up on the bike and then got my head down. It must be something about these water based athletes because as soon as I went past him he tried to jump on my wheel and snapped his chain in doing so. That would be it for most people but Oh no, he ran, pushing the bike for another 4 miles around the course in order to get to transition and start the final run. Now that's hardcore. Although my rams and shoulders are killing me due to my hopelessly bad paddling technique I did enjoy being out on the River Nene. It is a beautiful river. I did make the mistake of paddling between two swans at one point as I was desperately trying to fight the current. One tried to bite my arm and the other hissed at me and then head-butted/beaked the boat. I was not scared.

It was nice to start the year with a win even though the race must have had the lowest number or competitors of any race I've done at about 8 or 9 people! It's only for the truly tough/mad you see, especially in January.  

The Duathlon was well supported and it looked like it had a good quality field too so I'm looking forward to getting back to the Du for the 4th and final round in February. 

Next up in two weeks time is the Iceman in the forests of Frimley.   I hope to see lots of you there.